Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Recently I started this blog because I wanted my voice heard. I have talked about movies, books, music, actors, and politics. The latter of the list is my least favorite subject although it seems to evoke the most emotion from me. I think because people have such a lack of respect for the fact that everyone has an opinion. Especially when it comes to the subject of politics.

Working day in and day out on everything else that life has brought my way makes some things very difficult. This, however, is not one of them. What is "this"? Writing is what this is. Even when I am very busy I compose my thoughts in my head in such a way that I can hopefully convey them in a clear and concise manner.

I thought about my life and me as a person and realized that I do tend to keep myself in this little box. It is comfortable but confining none the less. Almost like a birds cage, or a hamsters habitat. Yes they are for the most part comfortable but they are very confined as opposed to how they would probably choose to live if given the choice. I touched on this before.

I have started pushing myself further out of the box though. I have been making efforts to blow the lid off that thing. Okay not blow the lid off of it but, at least bend the edges some. I think blowing the lid off of it would be like catching me with my pants down. Highly uncomfortable for us all. Something we would all beg to forget and soon.

At any rate, this here blog was a big start for me. I have a strong voice that I always wanted heard but, was always to afraid to talk. I have thrown that out the window like a cigarette butt into the wind. Sure I tone down a lot of opinions for the sake of people reading. I do this because when it all comes down to it, I do not like to force feed my opinion to everyone. I think there is a right and wrong way to come across especially when passionate about something.

Facts are facts and that is something that people have to be able to accept. Opinions are like armpits everyone has a couple.

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