Sunday, July 8, 2012

Word of the day is Sweltering

As I sit here thinking there are a few other things I should be doing I am reminded that it is too damn hot right now. The sad part, it is 7:20 p.m.
I spent the afternoon at the movies with my brother watching Snow White and the Huntsman and the Avengers for the forth time. What can I say? While at the theater I decided that movie seats after about 2.5 hours are no longer comfortable. I mean like very very very uncomfortable. I could not sit still for the life of me.
All in all it was a good afternoon.
Now, I just hope that I can sleep tonight. I do not think that is going to be possible. But, I am going to give it the best effort I can.

Post night
Of course adding to this now I can confirm I did not sleep. I can also confirm that Michigan has moved closer to the sun. All this heat never happens.
The last thing I can confirm is that I just rambled about the weather. You know what that means? I'm getting old. Damn

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