Thursday, June 21, 2012


I love writing for myself in the hopes that others will be able to enjoy and identify with what I am writing about. I think that being able to identify with other people is something that many of us miss out on. I know in my case I do miss out on it a lot because I am very shy. I read the things I post and think I don't seem shy. This is an outlet that gives me the freedom to say what I want to say. Most things are subjects that I would touch on if I was talking to someone but to go into any kind of depths would be difficult. I am too self conscious about myself as a person. 
When I was younger I used to want to act. I figured out very early that this would be impossible because I just can not seem to let go of myself enough. No matter what, I am worried that people are laughing at me. Then I decided that I wanted to write. I never really had a support system in place that would nurture that side of me. So again that fell to the side lines as well.
I have started many short stories.  I have a very specific idea of what is going on. Whole conversations in my head, what the people look like, what the places look like but, have just never been able to put it on paper and be satisfied with everything. 
Recently I started to pick writing back up. I have started a story that I am in love with. When I am not writing I make notes every where. I just of course become completely self conscious about it. At some point or another I know people have thought I've gone completely mad. I just get swept up in what I am writing and thinking about. I finally made the decision to go to a writers work shop. I just hope that helps. Some positive feedback would be nice.

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