Sunday, July 15, 2012

Normalcy the New Weird

Being normal is something that I think everyone strives to be. Although if you ask most people the definition of normal is very different for everyone. I think that when you try and try and try to fit in somewhere you become less you. Maybe that is what normal is. People trying to be part of a collective that no one ever truly will be.
What made me think of this is I know that most people would never consider me normal. I, however, would consider myself very normal. At least normal for me. So, even though people may think I am weird or a nerd. Is it that  odd that I have the Marvel movies with release dates in my calendar for the next two years? That is normal to me.
I think that when you try to fit in with a group no matter how much you have to change if you are changing at all you are becoming less normal at least for you. I think that instead of everyone worrying about being normal to every one else maybe they should think more about if they are normal to themselves.
If everyone fit into a mold of normalcy then it ceases to be normal and becomes a collective. Our own modern day Stepford. I think everyone can agree that there is no way that was normal.
So, as I go gently into this good night I embrace my weirdness like a teddy bear. Knowing when I get up what I am is normal. My normal..

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