Thursday, July 12, 2012

Leave Sleeping Bears.. I Mean Me Alone

So many people these days take it upon themselves to just do as they want. I mean with zero respect for anyone else that they may be infringing upon in the process. It is hard to justify this when others can blatantly see that you are making others miserable. When avoidance becomes someones norm there is something seriously wrong. Not just with them but the ones causing this behavior in them.

I have witnessed a lot of things that have really started to bother me to the point of actually feeling rather guilty. Do I think that I personally have gone out of my way to make the situation worse, no but I definitely do not think that I made it any better or easier to deal with. Maybe I am the jerk. Yes I do believe that I am in a way. But, I just think that maybe I am a little more humane than some. There is no way that I can justify in my head a lot of things. I wish that I could.

Making someone miserable is just something that I can't justify. I do not see how another person can. I can put this in very specific terms without being an outright ass. When I come home from work in the morning after working all night the last thing that I want to do is deal with phone calls or with people. I am tired and the one and only thing on my mind is getting some rest. It most certainly is not appeasing the people that happen to call or whatever. I find it rude and intruding that people expect to be appeased that early in the morning. In reality I would love to just say "Get bent" but I am just not that mean.

Treating someone like they are a snake on display at the zoo is just not fair to them. I mean put yourself in their shoes.Would you like people hounding you at all hours of the day? I think that 99% of the people in the world would say no. That does not sound appealing in the least to just about everyone. Yet many people don't care because if they are getting something that they want out of the deal it is okay for them to act in this way. It is very difficult for me to understand how this can be rationalized as okay.

I think that it always boils down to having respect for people has human beings. When you call someone and they say that they were sleeping what is so hard about calling back or letting them call you back when it is convenient. Same goes for visiting if it is clear that they are not in shape to visit. As in look tired or obviously getting ready to get into bed then STOP. Take a step back and think about what you are doing. Do you really think it is fair of you to do that? How would you like it if I came by at 3:00 a.m.? You would be asleep but I could keep you from sleeping. Then you would know how I feel. It is the same thing, my schedule just is opposite. I do not care if most of the ever loving world is awake when I am sleeping. What matters to me is I am sleeping.

On that note I am done with this rant. Take a look in the mirror next time you are asking for the things that you want, if the shoe was on the other foot would you be okay with it?

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