Saturday, July 7, 2012

Round Two Hair Bands Strike Back

First, I didn't realize Lita Ford still performed. Second, Poison still only cares about boobs. Third, the drummer from Def Leppard still only has one arm. (thank you bloodhound gang).
As for the people... This year they were not nearly as interesting. There were of course the guys with mullets who's man boobs were just terrible, hanging out everywhere.. The women were still wearing clothes that were way too small.. And not in a good way.
Last year everyone was fairly happy go lucky. This year drunk and belligerent was the theme. This started right off the bat. The minute Lita Ford took the stage the verbal shenanigans began. It started with warm beer. Now I get it.. No one likes warm beer. I, myself can't stand it period. However, we as the VOLUNTEERS that work these stands have zero control over said temperature of beer. So that's where it begins.
Then the beer taps weren't working. It could have been the beginning of the Armageddon the way these people were acting. Of course the beer decides not to work at the intermission between Lita Ford and Poison. So as busy as we were we got no mercy.
Believe me when I say I understand the frustration. I would be frustrated too. Yelling at me isn't going to fix the tap though. There is nothing I can do to fix this. Again, volunteer that's all.
Poison took the stage. Not sure what it is about them.. Maybe Brett Michaels and his creepy extra pouty lips or the fact that they still sing about mama's fallen angel and they are pretty close to fifty but something really bugs me. Not that I had much time to think about it because we were so busy.
At about the time that Poison left the stage we were not only having beer issues still but, we ran out of water. Yep that's right. So people were extra cranky and extra buzzed at this point. Luckily when they could not fix the taps they gave us canned beer to serve. Our bartender ditched us so I ended up playing bartender/cashier/sounding board. Bartender was no big thing. I don't mind pouring drinks, hell it's better than beer taps blowing in your face. I think in terms of beer I wore more than I poured. This continued for the rest of the night.
Back to the people which is by far the most interesting part. Drunk is a mild term for what these people were. We were getting to the point of cutting people off. But that is neither here nor there. A lot of the attendees of said concert were the mean drunk kind of people. At one point I had to contain myself due to the racial slurs one women was using. Had she been my customer I would have told her to leave and go somewhere else. Being as she was not my customer though I didn't say a word.
The theme for ladies this year was tight clothes and, pink....cowboy hats. I'm not sure why. I'm assuming because Brett Michaels the perpetual heart throb wears cowboy hats over his bandana with fake hair. This assumption could be completely off but I have a feeling I'm absolutely right. There were a lot of short skirts, day glow colors (isn't that more Wham than Def Leppard). Also there were lots and lots of sequins everywhere.
I think what bothers me the most is everyones denial of age and acting like they were 22 again. There is nothing wrong with letting go once in a while. Let's face it though, when you have kids and attempt to wear a tube top with no..... support the girls just aren't the same.
Def Leppard took the stage and I do not know why I like them as much as I do but I won't deny it. I will not shout it from the rooftops or anything but I won't deny either. Luckily, we stopped serving alcohol close to mid set for them because we ran out of the canned beer. Oh and did I mention we ran out of pretzels and most everything. It was a really annoying concession night. 
And, now that my eyes are burning and my head still hurts my recap of hair bands is complete.
Kiss me deadly mamas fallen angel after you pour some sugar on me... Yep it was a long night. I think I'll take a shower and wash the stench of Bud Light off.
Round two: well played hair bands well played. Oh and yes there were a lot of bees.

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