Thursday, June 28, 2012

Morning Glory

I'm not a morning person. I never have been. Even as a kid I hated mornings. I never used to be quite sure as to why this was but I think I figured it out.
Sleep to me is amazing. It helps me escape the mess that is the day. Not to mention dreams. Dreams to me are spectacular. I always look exactly how I think I should. This for the most part is not much like what I look like daily. I'm so much more glamorous in my dreams.
I don't like waking up to an alarm. It jerks me out of sleep and leaves me feeling very anxious. I hate that feeling. It's awful.
The biggest thing is everyone else always seems to be so damn happy. Why? I mean honestly just because your happy and  ”glad to be alive” doesn't mean everyone else is.  Well I'm glad to be alive but the whole happy to be awake.. Meh... Give me until 11:00 and ask me again. Right around then is when my brain starts to function as a completely lucid adult. Before that I'm kinda on auto pilot.
So, I'm not a morning person... that translates to leave a message at the beep.... Beep

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