Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Debatable Rant

So I wrote about Detroit because I felt the need to do so. I wrote about the state and politics because I was mentally implored by my subconscious to do this. But, I try very hard to keep too much of my opinion out of a lot of things. Certainly not because I am not opinionated. Also, not because I am not educated enough to form a complete opinion about a subject but because I do not like to argue about said opinion.

Debates are good but, so often people can not have a healthy debate without getting bent out of shape. Not to mention that when I am forming an opinion I can see why people may have an opinion other than mine. I respect that so much. However, if you can not respect the fact that your opinion is not law and that other people think differently then to be honest I do not want to hear about said opinion. Many times when this type of situation arises I tend to argue the other side even if your opinion and mine are similar. Devils advocate is one of my favorite plays when it comes to a good ole debate. I think the advantage I have is that I can see most everything from both sides. It comes in very handy at times.

Now that I have completed this post it is time to compose something a little more substantial. 

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