Monday, July 9, 2012

Lack Of Sleep And Such

As I sit here with a notion to get things done but not with the desire to actually accomplish them I realize that I am still tired. I managed about 5 hours sleep and think maybe it would do me good to get a few more hours. Being as though I am not completely sure that I will be able to accomplish this. I am just sitting here. Mindlessly typing what ever comes into my head. Sometimes I think this works best for me because I tend to have deeper thoughts when I am like this.

First things first though I always get slightly nervous when my house is as quiet as it currently is. No kids, no TV just the sound of the click on the keyboard. When you are used to a lot of chaos, movement and noise quiet is scary. It is just one of those things that I was used to before but now not at all. If I am not awake by 7 because of my kids I wake up anyways. Then I of course wonder what is going on. Something must be terribly wrong if I have not been woken by then.

Although now that I sit here and think about it I really miss this part of me. Being able to just sit down and think about things that have nothing to do with normal everyday stuff is nice. Trying to catch up on everything though is difficult.

But, now that my eyes are heavy and my head is swimming I think that I will just lay down and rest a little. After all what is better for the sleep deprived then a little extra sleep. This to shall continue

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