Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Waking up early enough to catch the news is never a good idea for me. I end up watching the local news. This normally ends up making me so annoyed that I end up with these rants. Sorry if they bore you but I am implored to type this all out.
In the past week there have been three bomb threats in the Detroit area. One on the tunnel to Canada and one on the Ambassador bridge to Canada. These bomb threats shut down but places respectively. Then last night there was a bob threat on Comerica park. The police, however, decided to not make an announcement to the game attendees. In all three cases no bomb was found. Shocking I know...
I have a couple issues with the whole thing though. Closing the bridge and tunnel were of course very smart decisions. Not announcing to Comerica park that there was a bomb that.. Personally I think this was a terrible choice. Yes, in the end everything was fine but, they did not give petiole a choice about whether they wanted to stay or not. I'm sorry it just seems very irresponsible to me. I would be mad to no end to find out that there was a bomb threat in a place I was and was not informed. 
I understand that these cases were just someone being absolutely ridiculous but at the same time... Well, let's just say crazy people pull off crazy crap all the time.
Then politics... Oh this just gets my goat all the time. Now before I say too much, I am not affiliated with any political party. I, to be completely honest think that most politicians are a hot mess. While I think it is more important for them to concentrate on their positives because that is what people REALLY want to hear they dwell on their competitors negatives. I get it, it's important to know negatives. However, when that's all I hear I start to think hmmm... nothing good going on for you?
What brings this on is Mitt Romney dwelling on an Obama comment. I have ears... did I mention they work too? I don't need you to tell me what he said. Also, I don't need you telling me what I should or should not be offended about. Last time I checked I was able to make decisions on my own.
I understand that some people may have been insulted by the comments Obama made. What I find more insulting is this man standing at a podium telling me that  I should be insulted. Or actually no, not me actually because I am not an entrepreneur. But, all the rich people should be insulted. Ha what a joke..
Everytime someone points out a specific demographic I just go blank. Both presidential candidates did that over the last week.

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