Monday, July 16, 2012

These Are The Things Nightmares Are Made Of

Today brought forth a lot of emotions. It was weird because I did not feel as though I had it in me today to end up feeling the things that I felt.
It started first by talking about religion. Yikes I do not like to go near that subject. I just know that my opinion is not the same as everyone elses. Instead of dealing with people trying to "save me" or change my mind I would rather keep to myself. Arguing is just not worth it. I do not force feed my opinion down throats and I do not take kindly to someone doing that to me. Anyway... So that conversation was brought to a screeching halt with my reply of I respect that we have differing views but at this point I am not interested. Thank you.
Then of course we go on to talking about the town that I am from. It all started like this. The town is not what it once was many many years ago. The question as to why was raised. The response was because of all the black people. I of course started seeing red at this point. There is one thing that I can not stand more than anything and that is when people always turn things to a race issue. I looked sideways at my counterpart so they knew I wanted to know more. I never want to enter a battle blindly so I make an attempt to do as much back ground checking as possible before I bring down my thunder. So, it was stated that they ran into someone and asked them why a specific church had moved out of the town. (this of course has me not only seeing red at this point but fireworks.) The reason he was given was because of all the blacks. Yep because people did not want to join the church in said town because they had to drive through a town with a lot of black people.
This is when I interjected with the following:
"First things first, I do not tolerate racism of any kind. The fact that a church... a church of all things moves from a town because of "black people" just proves my point. Religion is supposed to teach acceptance and tolerance to the members of their church. Instead of practicing what they preach that opt to move away from a demographic and feed into racial tensions and stigmas."
I do realize that religion as we all know does not teach tolerance and acceptance. To the contrary to be honest. This is just one of the things that makes me so angry. The holy attitudes when really it is just a bigot in a suit makes me physically ill.
Yes I know that not every one is like that nor is every religion but, religion so often wants to put everyone into specific compartments. You know.. The sinners, the saved, the innocent, and the worthy. I myself would be in a whole new compartment more than likely labeled "Go to hell, go directly to hell, do not pass heaven."
Hell may be an awful over statement because of one main reason. I treat people well. Under normal circumstances I would never go off like I did today but, it just was not a good day for me. I have grown up my whole life trying to make sure that people understand that I am a very non judgemental person. Sure I have my faults and downfalls. No one is perfect. Perfection is not even something I strive for. When I see that people are not tolerant in the least it hurts. It really physically hurts me deep down. Not because I think that everyone should be like me. What a crazy messed up world it would become. The reason is this country the USA has fought for freedom. Freedom that every race has fought and lost lives for.
It is heart breaking to know that people wrote speeches such as the "Gettysburg Address" and "I Have A Dream" with the sole hope of moving past the sentiments that people still carry today. Sure we have all made great movements forward towards the equality that we do have today. Poison thoughts, words and deeds by others though just ruins what so many have worked so hard for.
Religion to me at times seems so much like a super villain that it is almost scary. On the outside it is saying it is doing good but behind closed doors what is it really doing?
So, this conversation ended with us. We moved on to another conversation but, the chill to my core knowing that somewhere out there some church moved because of what they referred to as "black people" makes me sick.
What I think everyone needs to do is think back to this. Would you want to be treated that way? No... then don't do it to someone else. If you want respect from me then treat everyone with respect all the time. Period end of story. 

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