Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Don't Want To Grow Up..... Yes You Do

At a certain point in everyone's life we decide we have to ”grow” up. For whatever reason we have responsibilities that become so important to us. Of course we have to all be responsible but losing that child like glow to the cynical stupor of adulthood is devastating to see. Holding into youth and laughing (I mean really laughing) are the best ways to stay young. I'm not saying don't grow up and be immature your whole life. You have to be responsible but, find the humor in life. It isn't always roses but it isn't always coal either.

Remember being a kid and saying you never wanted to grow up? Of course that was toward the end of childhood when the weight of adulthood started weighing on us like a two ton brick. Before that it was always ”I can't wait to grow up so no one can tell me what to do”.  As children we are always pushing against our parents and anyone that wants to tell us what to do. We believe that being an adult means that no one will be the boss of us anymore. All of these phrases come to an abrupt halt when we realized we are going to grow up no matter how much we fight it and someone somewhere is always going to tell us what to do. Those are just the plain facts of life. Those facts are always told to us. We as children choose to remain blissfully ignorant to the fact that we won't be the boss, someone else will always call the shots. One day we are going to be that person telling our kids don't grow up too fast. Savor your childhood and youth. You're always going to have someone telling you what to do. I've become that person. Even though personally I feel so immature. It is odd feeling like a child in an adults body. But, that is the most accurate description of myself and many other people that I have met.

Being able to hold fast to the things that brought you happiness and joy is so important. No matter how much life throws at you and how busy you are there is always something. To not take the time to see those things and lose yourself is when being an adult seems so daunting. I remember when I was younger and thinking that my mom had no friends. She did but, life was life and priorities were not what they once were. Being a mom took over her life. In a big way now I am sorry that that happened. I have days where I feel like if I do not get a chance to go and be me without the interaction of children I am going to snap. I never want to lose myself or the things that make me tick. Whether it is the music, movies, books whatever. I hold those near and dear and make sure I keep them for me.

No matter how you slice it growing up and being a grown up are never easy. I just wish that there was some sort of owners manual for the mind.

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