Monday, July 16, 2012


Yesterday my inner geek, or not so inner depending on who you ask got the biggest surge of excitement since The Avengers came out. Marvel announced at SDCC that Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man would be movies. They also released the title of Thor 2 and Captain America 2. Yes while at work I may have had a moment of over excitement that may not have looked the best. How was I going to contain myself though? I mean seriously this is just too exciting. It leads to the question.. What movie is Thanos going to be in? Holy, I can barely contain myself. I of course wanted to call my brother as soon as twitter quit blowing up for me.  I didn't though because working midnights means my midday is most peoples midnight.
Instead of calling him I made sure that all of the release dates are in my calendar so that I can get the days off work for the midnight shows.
Which leads me to talking to my brother today. He is probably just as excited as me.  If not more. We speculated about who the villains were going to be. Neither of us know for sure but I think his Thanos theory is likely. We will see though.
The only thing I am surprised about is no Hulk movie yet. I understand prior Hulk films did not do well. But, prior Hulk films did not have Mark Ruffalo. Anyone that is a Hulk purest at least in my eyes would say Mark plays the character close to what we grew up on. And that to me was Bill Bixby. He was Bruce Banner and always will be in my eyes.
You have to understand when The Avengers came out I was excited for Loki. What can I say the magic that is Tom is not lost on me. I, however, was so interested in Mark playing the Hulk the first time. As I watched the movie Loki was not at the front of my mind. I love the Hulk. I have since I was a kid and watched the show with my dad. That and the six million dollar man. I digressed though. I just hoped and maybe even said a little prayer if that's what you would call the inner monologue with myself that Mark could pull this off. He did more than pull it off though. After he pulled it off he knocked it out of the park.
Marvel I implore you to make a Hulk movie. From the origins. I'll help with the script. Give me my childhood dream... I promise I'll go see it five times at least.
So as the next couple of years go by for me I'm glad to know Marvel will be making more movies that I'm no doubt going to love. Love in the way only my geeky self can. And believe me I mean that in the highest sense of the word.

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