Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ugh Work

     I love how my job can feel so different depending on who you're working with. I treat each day like a new movie. Or rather an episode in a TV show.
      People are fickle beings and even though I've always known that it becomes more obvious each and everyday. One day they love you and the next they don't. It's like everyone's own little Hollywood. I'm just glad no one follows me around with a camera.
      Some days I walk in and think yep this place belongs to me but really it doesn't. I just like the prestige I feel here and there. Other days I walk in and feel like I'm lost. Like everything is new and I'm the odd man out. The phenomenon is quite unnerving if you ask me. There are days when I have a complete preconceived notion of how the day is going to go. Really though it's a crap shoot.
      Every morning I try to run out of this place as fast as my legs will carry me which most the time isn't fast enough.  I jump in my car and drive off into the sunrise. That's what we do when we work midnights. I drive away knowing I'll be back... It's bitter sweet. It really is.
      The drive away from this place takes forever. The sun burns into my eyes like a hot poker. The bumps in the road rattle like a gorilla in a cage. I get home though eventually.
      I walk into my house like I own the place and this time it's true I do own the place. 

      I know that this seems pointless and random and yes to a point it is. But, like I have said before this is just a place for me to place my random thoughts. 

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