Monday, June 25, 2012

Living in This State

      I live in a state where the job rate is low. I believe third highest unemployment rate in the country. This is also the place where some people would rather turn to crime than look for jobs. They have children to get more money from the state. In reality there aren't many jobs to look for so some see this as the only way.
I'm not saying everyone here is like that. I'm not even saying most people here are like that. But, there are those that are.

      This is also the state where the former metropolis is on the verge of bankruptcy. The mayor who is supposed to save them is a retired basketball player. The city council doesn't want anyone from the state to help because they may be white. The solution cut more police jobs in a city where crime runs rampant and they can't show up to half the 911 calls. 

      Schools are expected to function with less funds. Which cuts teacher jobs increasing classroom sizes. This leaves the students with less one on one time with the teacher. In turn many are left behind. We wonder why test scores drop and behavior is dramatically worse. How come we wonder why proficiency is low and the country in all is falling so far behind the rest of the world?

      Families can't feed their children or clothe them. Even with jobs many struggle. This is the state that appears to help those who won't help themselves. Yet leaves the ones who legitimately try to make it to suffer when their wages fall short.  So much animosity has grown between the upper, middle and lower class that it's not hard to tell which is which.

      The state's in so much debt it is having a hard time functioning yet wants to cut peoples professional licenses. This would be money that goes to the state. They cut tax incentives to the movie industry which was bringing in some revenue for a while.

      The politics of the state are bringing us down. We elect these officials. (those that vote do anyways) Yet they seem to be bringing us down further and further.

      Higher education is virtually unobtainable by most. Which adds fuel to the fire of unemployment because qualifications are low. Universities of course insist on raising costs for attendance.

      It's a sad state of affairs when everything and everyone are working against the state for improvement.
It's even more sad when it seems like the citizens of this state don't want to do anything to improve the situation.

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