Saturday, June 23, 2012

Emergency Room Vs. Hair Bands

I tweeted last night that I love working in the emergency room because it's better people watching than a Poison concert.

I got self conscious afterwards figuring oh people are going to think I'm totally into hair bands. I must clarify this on a couple different levels. Level one the only time I was at a Poison concert I was working a concession stand not watching Poison. Level two if I lied and said I completely couldn't stand hair bands I would feel like a total liar. I mean who doesn't like some Def Leppard once in a while? No one answer that please just leave me under my veil of thinking once in a while everyone does.

The people watching at that concert though was some of the most phenomenal I've witnessed. It was like the clock turned back to me being ten. Except everyone had aged. They dressed the same though. Oh believe me it was a sight. Kids carrying out drunk parents, women wearing clothes that they probably shouldn't have worn 20 years ago. It was remarkable. Men with mullets which sounds like the name of a TV show were everywhere. The stench of Aqua Net was so strong the air was practically flammable.

Now working in the emergency room you see lots of people. I find the drunk ones the most funny. They come in wreaking of Wild Turkey and Colt 45 yet swear they had nothing to drink. The other ones that baffle me are the screamers. Screaming I can't breath... Yeah I said that screaming they can't breath... That alone makes me laugh. If you can't breath you definitely couldn't scream.

You have to remove yourself from a lot of situations to keep from stressing out and cracking. I often find myself thinking about other stuff during a crisis because if I think about how bad it really is I lose my cool. It's never a good idea to lose your cool at that moment. For some it's life and death and if I'm singing songs from movies in my head hey at least your alive.

So I guess I over stated the whole thing. At least at the Poison concert I'm carefree and laughing about people. At work sometimes or most the time I have to kill the stress.

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