Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our Country The Teenager

I've realized something recently that has left me slightly disturbed. Even though I really am not a political fan I am driven more by politics than most anything else. Nothing gets my engine going more than some of the things that people say or do in regards to politics. I don't want to be a politician. There wasn't even a hint of a lie when note was made that I'd last not even five minutes. I can't do it. Never have I been noted as the one that can keep her mouth shut and just smile and act like it's all okay. Politicians are the scape goat of many and the hero to few. When I was a kid I used to want to be the first female president. I lost interest in that when Clinton ran and told everyone he didn't inhale. Be that as it may I knew right then and there I was disqualified. Do I consider that a disqualifying attribute? No not in a million years. Many, if not all of or presidents have been perpetual over achievers. This leaves them unable to handle criticism and failure well. I'm not saying let just anyone be president. What I'm saying is pick someone that knows right off the bat, you don't always get what you want. Whether it's Congress or parents someone is always going to be there to shut us down. I think having to work harder than most only gives you the resolve to make something happen. It doesn't have to be exactly the way you want it but if something happens that's better than remaining stagnent. How can a country or it's citizens move forward without the help of our ”leader”. I use this term lightly.  Not meaning lead the sheep to pasture leader. I mean the person that is supposed to be the pillar of the proverbial community.
The issue we have with other countries and their different classes is that they look at America like the jock. Big, loud and dumb. First and foremost,.every country has their jocks. This country being no different. All jocks are not dumb some are not even loud but when you look up the stereotypical jock that is what we appear to be. Just like every other country we have our scholars, our leaders, the pillars, the artists, we have it all. Even though the jocks are at times the loudest doesn't mean that they represent the people as a whole. There is one thing that we have and that's compassion. Empathy is something we hand out to those who need it and we hand it out in abundance. I think sometimes we are too empathetic. We are the first to jump to the aide of others. This is a good quality but I do not think that many countries would be willing to help us out in a time of need.
This could be because as the new country on the block we are going through our teenage years right now. Many other countries are far older than ours and went through their teenage years long ago. There are still some countries that are younger and still going through their infancy and leaning on the beliefs of its parents. I know that this sounds like a crazy comparison but really it isn't.
How is it that politicians can be so blinded to the fact that they are not helping this situation? As a whole the United States is very lucky in the fact that we can vote. I have said it before and I will say it a million times... if you do not take the time to vote your forfeit your right to an opinion on the operations of the country. You could not take the time out of  your busy schedule... I am just repeating myself again.
Getting back to the original point. With a presidency that consists of mainly over achievers that have never had the luxury of being told no when this happens they end up throwing a temper tantrum. I understand that you think that your way is the best way. Don't we all. What is hard for so many to swallow is the lack of compromise that many have. It can not simply be either the way you want it or not at all. If that were the case we would have been stuck long ago in a holding pattern that would not have allowed for much advancement.
Compromise is important for everything even better the teenager and the parents, or peers. You have to give to get and when you don't want to do that nothing gets figured out.

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