Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Politics-- Like a Moth to a Flame

Politics make my skin crawl. Yet there is something about it that draws me in like a moth to a flame. I've never quite been able to explain this phenomenon and to be honest probably never will. 

It's not that I avoid the issues. I form opinions, educate myself and can speak rather fluently on quite a few topics of the mood strikes. HOWEVER, it's rare the mood strikes these days. 

We've got presidential candidates that make our entire political and legal system a joke. I've never seen debates turn into schoolyard bully showdowns the way they have over the past few months. (It's sad and terribly unnerving to watch) I'm expecting to wake up and find out this was like the world's longest April Fool's joke or something close to that. 

Now, before I get into anything I need to make something very clear... My support does NOT lie with either of these candidates. If anything their campaigns have done nothing but prove how inept both of them would be. 

A President is someone we should be able to count on. They should be able to say the correct thing when a global tragedy happens. Mr. Trump you have proven on more than one occasion your mouth opens and what comes out is mostly cringe worthy. Ms. Clinton you have proven that when you speak the words that come out of your mouth are questionable at best. (Both horrible qualities for someone speaking for a nation)

Neither candidate is trustworthy and I'm sorry but, I remember voting for Barack and maybe I didn't agree with all of his politics but, I did think that he at least was looking out for us as a people. (Many may disagree with that but walking away from Bush he was a breath of fresh air)

I hear the usual debates come up. Some things never change. Abortion, the economy, jobs-- all issues. Touchy issues that I wonder why they're truly big ticket issues. 

Abortion-- everyone has an opinion that they feel is right. For them that opinion is right BUT just because you would never or have never had an abortion or been in a situation where you had to choose DOES NOT mean that you should take that right away from someone else. 

Let's not get into the whole who's going to speak for the baby, when is a zygote a baby debate because it's going to go around in circles forever and never end. 

What I'm saying is that a woman shouldn't lose that right to make a choice. (Is it a choice I would make? Probably not so please don't get self righteous on me) I'm simply saying that while I see both sides of said debate the answer seems pretty simple. 

1. We the people have freedom of choice. 
2. There's a separation of church and state so what the bible says (if that's your thing) should not be relevant to making laws. 

The economy-- is always going to be an issue as long as jobs are an issue. If people don't work they don't spend money. Sure there are schemes to boost the economy but the best boost would be to stop sending jobs out of the country. (Easier said than done) 

I'm not an economist or anything like that. But, I know that the debt the country and its people are in is terrifying. There needs to be a real plan. Not just cut spending but cut salaries. Cut everything because let's be honest the government spends way too much. 

So, while I may singe my wings on the political flames while staring at the TV disgruntled I'm just as lost and disenchanted as most people when it comes to this election. Make me a bird so I can fly far far away from here... Or a Canadian goose so I can just move legally for a few years. 

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