Wednesday, November 9, 2016

We've Been Trump(ed)

While I’d like to say that I’ve lived long enough to know that 4 years as President isn’t long enough to make a huge difference I know otherwise. (checks and balances only go so far) I know that there are enough people backing this man who has proven time and time again that he is nothing but a bully. (and that’s me being nice
What I do know is this-- and believe me it’s hard to see it now because we are all standing on the brink of something. The unknown-- it’s scary but, hold on to your beliefs. DO NOT become the bully, hate spewing, loathsome creature that this man that a bunch of country bumpkin, elitist, supremacist people elected because in getting angry (which you do have every right to be. we all do) but, acting on it-- in becoming a bully you’re stooping to his level and that feels good at the time but, we are better than that. In the end you’ll regret it. 
We will get through this. As a country-- as human beings. Hopefully with some humanity in tact. (I have to hold onto that belief because if I don’t then what’s the point really?) I’ve digressed though. We will get through this. Probably with some scratches, maybe a few scars but, as a nation and people we’re better than this--- Better than him. (I’ve never filed bankruptcy he’s filed for it four times so there I’m a couple legs up
Yeah things are going to get hairy and to all you teenagers that are worried about your futures. Members of the LBGTQ community that are fearful remember you have a community. People to turn too. When I was growing up all that was brand new (the community was just starting to come togetherand hell I just finally told my family this year that I haven’t been in a relationship in over ten years because I am asexual. 
African Americans (blacks if that’s what you want to be referred to as), Muslims and Latino/a(s) there are lots of us that have your back. Of course there are some that don’t and I’m sorry I apologize for those individuals because it gives those of us who do care and really do want better for each and every person here a bad name.
There was a time when part of being a President meant you had to have a certain capacity for diplomacy. Something that has clearly gone right out the window. Do I think that we had a better choice in the this election? Let’s just say that there was probably a lesser of two evils. This was the first time that I can say that and REALLY mean it.  . 
So, today while we are all picking ourselves back up, dusting off from this bad dream that really isn’t a dream try and remember-- you aren’t alone. There are people who care, people who will always care. Not everyone is a loathsome creature like that and if you don’t live in America please---
Don’t look at this and think-- look at those assholes because there are some of us that feel pretty trapped. (that’s why the Canadian immigration website crashed last night)

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